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Connecting Your Apple iOS Device to DC-Wildcat

Please note: these steps are shown on an iPhone running iOS 12.3, other Apple devices and software versions may differ.  Please contact the SMART Squad at (716) 566-7865 if you run into any issues while connecting your device to dc-secure.

Step 1: Select the ‘Settings’ icon from your home screen:

Step 2: Navigate to the wi-fi menu:

Step 3: Select the ‘dc-wildcat’ SSID from the list of list of available networks:

Step 4: You should receive a popup asking for your Daemen credentials.  Enter your Daemen username and password:

Step 5: You may receive a message that the device cannot verify the server identity.  This is normal!  Click on continue:

Step 6: Please wait while your device connects to the dc-wildcat SSID.  This process can take up to 30 seconds.  Once it is complete, you should receive a success page:

Troubleshooting: if you receive an error message after trusting the certificate of ‘incorrect password for dc-wildcat’, you may have entered your username or password incorrectly.  Please retry your credentials.  If you still are unable to login, please contact the SMART Squad at (716) 566-7865.

Updated on May 5, 2021

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