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Wireless Printing in the RIC

In the RIC you are able to print wirelessly using Google Cloud Print. The instructions below will explain this process so you can print from your personal laptop. This is a 2 step process, first we need to add the document you are trying to print to the cue and then we need to approve the print job.

Adding Print Jobs to the Cue

1. Be sure you are connected to DC-Secure. You can connect using a Mac, iOS device, a laptop running Windows or Android device.

2.Go to https://www.google.com/cloudprint/learn/ and click on the “Go to my cloud print” icon.

3. Be sure you are signed into your daemen.edu account by clicking the letter on the top right of the page (the letter will usually be the initial in your first name).

4. Click the “Print” button on the top right and select “upload file”->”select a file from my computer” to choose what file you want to print.

5. Choose what printer you would like to print from. Note that RIC Printer 1 and RIC Printer 2 are on the first floor of the RIC.

6. Next, choose your print options and select “Print”.

7. You will now see your document in the print cue.

2. Approving Your Print Job

8. Go to https://my.daemen.edu/printing/ or search “wireless printing approval” on my.daemen.edu.

9. Sign in using your Daemen.edu credentials.

10. After you sign in, you should get a pop up asking you to approve your print request. Confirm the relevant info and select “print”.

11. At this point your document should have printed and you can collect your printed materials from the printer!

12. You will see in your recent print history the documents that you have printed. Also, as a side note, your print balance will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

Updated on November 5, 2020

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