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How to Configure Laptop Audio to Work with Remote Desktop

If you are using a laptop to remote into your office desktop computer this article may be helpful. These steps should allow you to use a webcam/usb microphone that is plugged into your laptop to work with apps accessed remotely from your desktop ( such as Zoom, Dialpad, Hangouts, Meet, ect.).

1- After making sure you are on your home WiFi and opening the VPN connection, right click your remote desktop icon and select “Edit” from the list of options.

2- Once the Edit Screen opens, select the “Local Resources” Tab. From here you can choose to use your home printer and clipboard. Click “More” to get to the audio and webcam settings.

3- In this screen, expand the “Drives” dropdown and then select the box for OS (C:).
Then go to Video Capture Devices and select “Integrated Webcam”.
Hit “OK” when finished.

4- You should now be back in the “Local Resources” tab. Under “Remote Audio” select settings.

5- From here select “Play on this computer” and “Record from this computer” and select OK.

6- Then sign into the remote desktop and you should be all set.

Note: Depending on your computer configuration, you may need to do this each time you reboot the computer.

Updated on April 14, 2020

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