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Blackboard Course Request Form – Faculty User Guide

Blackboard courses are not created for every course. You must request a course be created prior to each semester starting. You can do so by completing the Blackboard Course Request form:


Step 1

When arriving at Blackboard Course Requests, you will see a summary of the previous courses you have requested. To request a new course, (1) click Request a Course

Step 2

Ensure that the correct semester is selected from the drop-down menu.

Step 3:

Select which course you are assigned to teach you want created in Blackboard.

Note: The form pulls the information from

Step 3a

If no courses are listed for you to choose from  you can use the Manual Select option to create your course. Use the Dropdown menus to select the course ID and the section number you will be teaching and select the course when it appears.

Step 4

If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course and you would like to combine them into one Blackboard course, select all sections you’d like to combin

Step 5

To copy content from a previous course, (1) choose Yes from the drop-down menu and then (2) select the course you want the content to be copied from

Note: If you want to copy the content from a course that’s not listed, begin type it into the search field and then select the desired course/section from the available options

Step 6

If the course is cross listed with another course, (1) select Yes from the drop down menu, (2) identify the course ID and section it is cross listed with using the drop-down menus, and (3) select the correct course once it appears.

Step 7

Click Submit Request

Important Note: Completing the request will not immediately create your course in Blackboard. The request will be put into a queue and periodically throughout the day the queue is cleared and the courses are created. The queue is typically cleared at 12:30a and 6:30p daily.
Updated on September 17, 2018

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