• Google Meet Grid View Setup

    Download and add the Google Meet Grid View extension on your Chrome web browser. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-meet-grid-view/kklailfgofogmmdlhgmjgenehkjoioip?hl=en Grid View extension will only run when you are in Google Meet. When you are in a Google Meet in the top right there should be a button that looks like a grid. Here you…

  • Set up Dialpad deskphone voicemail PIN

    On the Dialpad app on your computer click the dropdown arrow on the top right. Click account settings. Sign in if it prompts you using ‘sign in with google’ use your Daemen credentials. It will take you to ‘Your Profile’ page and there you can set your voicemail PIN.

  • Blackboard Grade Center Tip Sheet


  • Mailing lists

    Please be aware that you may need a permissions change before being able to post to certain lists, otherwise you will receive a bounce back email. Please contact IT for help if needed. Employees   Lists Reserved for OFFICIAL Daemen College Announcements ONLY *Recipients can NOT unsubscribe from these lists…